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Have you considered a rejuvenating treatment with Neuromodulators in Mallorca? I’m sure there are many questions on your mind. For example:

Can I use it on any part of the body? Is it painful? How long will the effect last? are there any contraindications?

The most important thing before deciding is that you always consult with our specialized aesthetic doctor and he will personally evaluate your case and will be the one to recommend the treatment that best suits your needs and your characteristics.

However, the aesthetic treatment with Neuromodulators in Mallorca is one of the most demanded in the clinic. Neuromodulators help us to temporarily eliminate expression wrinkles: it is a toxin that, once injected, prevents the muscle from contracting, i.e. it paralyzes it. In this way the wrinkle is not formed. Its effect is temporary and lasts about four to six months, depending on each patient.

Not all facial facial wrinkles are treatable with Neuromodulators: it has an effect only on dynamic wrinkles or expression wrinkles, which are those that are formed as a result of performing different gestures with the facial muscles. These wrinkles tend to form in the upper third of our face (especially between the eyebrows), so that is where this type of treatment is most commonly applied.

Wrinkles caused by aging aging o by the sun cannot be treated with Neuromodulators.

The effects of Neuromodulators, as we have said, last between four and six months, and then (with the approval of our doctor) it will be necessary to repeat the treatment. Sometimes, as time goes by, and as the applications are repeated, the effect of the Neuromodulators may last longer and fewer and more spaced punctures may be necessary.

You can read more informationabout this Neuromodulator treatment in Mallorca.

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