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Frequently Asked Questions

At what age is it indicated to start aesthetic treatments?
  • There is no age limit. The start is determined by the type of skin, at the age of twenty the creams are enough, sometimes the start is at the age of thirty and other people can wait a dozen years more.
What is the difference between Neuromodulators and fillers?
  • Both are treatments to eliminate wrinkles, but Neuromodulators eliminates them by relaxing the muscles and fillers eliminate them by filling them with a gel, usually hyaluronic acid.
What happens when I stop using Botox?
  • Nothing. You are back to where you were before you put it in. There are people who have Neuromodulators for 15 years and if they stopped using it, they would regain their muscle movement and their pre-Botox appearance from the first time.
Does Neuromodulartors cause expressionlessness?
  • It does not cause inexpressiveness, it only relaxes the muscles. Relaxing the muscles leaves us with a relaxed, beautiful, healthy expression. The problem is not in the product, but in the professional who puts it, where he puts it and how much he puts.
Is anesthesia required for the treatments?
  • Virtually all treatments are performed only with local cold and without pain. But if a customer requests it, it can be used.
What is Growth Factor or PRP?
  • It is a treatment in which, with an extraction of our blood, a regenerative protein is centrifuged for our skin.


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