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Varicose vein treatment without surgery

Contrary to what many people think, varicose veins are not only an aesthetic problem, they are also a medical problem. The fear of undergoing surgery stops many people from taking the step to get rid of them.

It is therefore reassuring to know that there are effective minimally invasive treatments with effective results to eliminate varicose veins in Mallorca.

Sclerotherapy and Venaseal treat any type of varicose veins and spider veins without the need for surgery, anesthesia, pain and surgical wounds.

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are diseased, dilated veins that do not perform their function properly and will not improve on their own without proper treatment.

The venous system is responsible for carrying blood back to the heart. In the legs, the veins have valves whose function is to prevent the blood from flowing downward due to gravity.

The causes of varicose veins are varied. As Dr. Ramón Saiz Mendiguren, a doctor specialized in Vascular and Interventional Radiology with exclusive dedication to minimally invasive arterial and venous interventions and in other areas for the last 10 years, points out, “when these valves do not work properly, the veins lose their functionality and part of the blood refluxes downwards, accumulating in the feet and legs”.

In the Planas Salud Medicina estética center in Palma they perform a personalized diagnosis to each patient with a medical consultation, physical examination and a doppler ultrasound in order to study the functionality of the venous system.

Once a correct diagnosis has been made, an individualized treatment is planned for each patient, including ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy or Venaseal treatment.

Personalized treatments without surgery

There are several treatments that are characterized by their comfort since they do not require surgery and are minimally invasive. These include sclerotherapy and Venaseal.

Sclerotherapy consists of injecting a medication directly into the diseased vein that will cause the vein to heal and disappear over time. Venaseal is a non-surgical treatment for varicose veins that consists of sealing the varicose vein with a biological adhesive that is released in a controlled manner from a catheter inside the vein, usually in the saphenous veins. It is usually necessary to combine several treatments depending on each patient.

Thanks to these minimally invasive treatments performed in the clinic allow us to treat any type of spider veins and varicose veins, even those that have recurred after surgery, without the need to undergo surgery, without anesthesia, without admission, without pain, without surgical wounds and without the need to suspend any type of medication. In addition, the patient can return to normal daily life immediately after surgery.

Why is it better to treat varicose veins in winter?

Although varicose veins and spider veins can be treated all year round, the colder months are the best time as sun exposure is not recommended during the first few days after surgery. Therefore, winter is the best time to start treatment.

Dr. Ramón Saiz Mendiguren, a doctor specialized in Vascular Radiology, reminds us that a good diagnosis is essential for the treatment to be successful and to avoid recurrences.

If you need more information about the treatment, do not hesitate to contact us!

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