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Soprano Alma Laser

Discover our laser hair removal treatment in Palma de Mallorca, at Planas Salud Medicina Estética. Thanks to the new diode laser system from Alma® Lasers, the Soprano Laser can cover areas as wide as the back in only 9 minutes. This version is characterised by the fact that it does not cause discomfort to patients and has been specially designed to remove hair much more quickly and comfortably.

SopranoA is the only hair removal technology with FDA-certified results for all skin types, including dark and tanned skin. It is permanent hair removal in fewer sessions than conventional diode lasers and there is no risk of burns. It uses the ultra-fast SHR technology that allows you to have your legs shaved in 45 minutes.

It is a hair removal system designed for the permanent removal of facial and body hair. Read on to find out more about this treatment at Planas Salud Medicina Estética in Palma de Mallorca.

What is the Soprano Laser?

The SOPRANOA laser is a hair removal system designed for the permanent removal of facial and body hair. It is a safe and effective hair removal treatment, allowing us to apply it to all skin phototypes, including dark and tanned skin, with perfect results for both men and women.

In addition, thanks to its patented IN-MotionTM technology, we can treat the most sensitive areas of your body without causing discomfort that can be caused by other laser hair removal systems.

Thanks to its innovative technology, unwanted hair is removed in a reduced number of sessions compared to other hair removal systems.

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Why choose Soprano Laser?

FDA certified

Soprano® is the only depilatory technology on the market that has been accredited for permanent hair removal in FDA laboratories, including all skin types (I-VI) and including dark and tanned skin. Its achievements have been shown to be sustained over time, in sessions without discomfort or risk of burns for the patient.

FDA is the prestigious American agency under the US Department of Health, a mandatory step for any manufacturer wishing to operate in this country. Its approval certifies that it has passed reproducible efficacy tests in various types of patients and tests on living tissues without damaging them. In August 2014, Alma Lasers received FDA certification for the new generation of Soprano A laser hair removal machines.

Supported by 3,000 dermatologists

Soprano is the most widespread depilatory technique in the USA. The high demands in terms of efficiency and safety tests are a filter that is difficult to overcome even for large companies.

More than 3,000 dermatologists and experts endorse this technology with their scientific publications and clinical studies.

The Journal of Drugs in Dermatology has reported the progress of the Soprano A diode laser (SHR) compared to the conventional diode laser, achieving greater hair reduction, shorter treatment time and less pain.

Soprano has received for 2 consecutive years the Gold Award for the best aesthetic hair removal technique awarded by the prestigious institution Aesthetics Awards. All this has consolidated Alma Lasers as a world leader in medical hair removal, with more than 15,000 laser machines installed in the last 15 years.

Soprano SHR

HR (Super Hair Removal) is the technological innovation that identifies the new Soprano A generation.
The session is 4 times faster than with its predecessor Soprano, and it provides the principle of progressive photothermolysis (previously selective), a plus in effectiveness and safety, leaving pain and burns as a bad memory of diode laser technology.

The skin no longer suffers

The high energies in each pulse generated a great deal of heat in the epidermis, which had to be treated with cosmetics. and thus its deterioration, which had to be treated with soothing and regenerative cosmetics. soothing and regenerating cosmetics.
SHR is a sweeping mode that gradually heats the dermis with short, repeated pulses. the follicle is effectively destroyed but skin temperatures are 50% lower. but skin temperatures are 50% lower.

Forget about hair

Soprano A achieves permanent hair removal across a broad spectrum of hair types by of hairs by eliminating the germ cells and the hair follicle, responsible for hair growth.
Usually after 8 sessions your hair will be 90% gone.

How many sessions do I need?

The majority of cases respond to 8 sessions and the residual hair is treated in annual sessions until its treated in annual sessions until its total disappearance. If the patient has hormonal alteration or medication, minors (hormonal instability), advanced age (menopause), etc. More sessions will be needed. Laser hair removal is not an exact science, just like any other treatment of the human body. treatment of the human body, as it is subject to infinite variables. variables.

This method of laser hair removal is designed to remove unwanted hair in a much faster and more comfortable way for our patients. This allows us to offer definitive results in fewer sessions than other aesthetic centres. It is considered an almost painless laser hair removal procedure, so no anaesthetic is required.

SopranoA‘s IN-MotionTM technology gradually heats the hair follicles in the sub dermal layer of the skin, preventing hair regrowth. Because it is in constant motion, the laser makes it easier for us to treat larger areas more treatments in larger areas in an easier and faster way than other systems. other systems.

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