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At Planas Salud Medicina Estética we offer the best treatments for our patients. And when it comes to facial treatments, peeling is a must.

Already in the 20th century peeling has become widespread as one of the most popular beauty (as well as health) treatments. Its results have been truly extraordinary, especially with respect to the wrinkle treatment, improve the appearance of scars, reduce acne, conceal blemishes and restore radiance..

A peel uses chemical and physical substances that remove layers of skin in a controlled and limited way and renew the skin, leaving it brighter, cleaner, more even and elastic.

Stabilizing treatment

Specific treatment for oily skin. It is a renewing and anti-aging treatment that improves the balance of the microbiome.

Who is it for?

Ideal for people who have always had oily skin, and for those who at the same time want to combat enlarged pores, shine, redness or blackheads, without giving up fighting the signs of aging.


Its immediate benefits are a juicier, more luminous skin with less visible pores and blemishes. Provides a matte skin without imperfections with a purifying, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect.

Treatments to be performed: 3

Spaced in:
21 days

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